Free Exam Kit

Upon request, a one-test, examination kit is available to interested parties, on a 30-day, cost-free basis. All, Behavior Data Systems (BDS) tests are available in examination kits; however, test users are limited to one, examination kit at a time. Provision of additional examination kits is decided on a case-by-case basis. Examination kits are in Windows format.

Examination Kits Contain

Examination Kit Request

To review an examination kit, please complete the online, request form provided below. To provide an examination kit to interested parties, we need a fully, completed, request form. We also need your e-mail address to convey any future update information.

Test Selection

Please select which test you are interested in from the dropdown box below. You can request one test's examination kit, for a 30-day period. Demonstration diskettes and test booklets must be returned within 30 days of their receipt.